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Mission Statement
Granite County Museum & Cultural Center is committed to protecting the heritage of Granite County in particular as well as Montana and the American West by collecting, housing, and displaying artifacts, documents, photos and artwork. The Museum utilizes its diverse collections to convey knowledge and understanding of our past through exhibits and educational programs. By involving visitors of all ages we are promoting a responsible stewardship of our past for the enjoyment and education of future generations.


Granite County Museum & Cultural Center is dedicated to preserving local history and helping people understand the diverse cultural roots of Granite County. We are constantly working to improve and refresh our exhibits to maintain the public's interest in our history. We believe that by presenting the story of our past in a rich and engaging manner to all our visitors and especially the youth who visit our facility we will ensure that the rich history of our county is preserved for future generations. We will continue to strive to engage the community in outreach educational programs and to act as the cultural "memory" of our community.
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