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From Mining to Ranching to Pioneer Life


Granite County, Montana has roots extending back to the 1860's when silver and gold mines began to spring up in the hills surrounding the area. By 1867 Philipsburg was said to be growing at the rate of one house per day.

Granite County Museum houses an extensive collection of artifacts from all aspects of pioneer life, mining and ranching, and our displays are constantly evolving. "Seen it once, seen it all" doesn't apply here! Visit us often and watch us grow.

A Photo Collection Second to None

The Museum's large collection of period photographs documents the details of Granite County's hard-working miners who pulled a fortune in precious metals from the earth. Many of our photos are available for printing in the Museum gift shop.

Explore for Yourself

Visiting the Granite County Museum and Cultural Center is just part of the historic experience. Come in and get a feel for what life was like in the past and then "put 'er in 4-wheel drive and hit the hills." See for yourself what lies in the rich hills surrounding the town. But remember: almost all the mining sites you'll see are on private property. Please respect the land and the ruins and preserve them for others to see.

Miners Union Hall - Granite

The sign that once graced the entrance of the Miners Union Hall up at Granite now hangs in the Museum's mining exhibit.