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The Granite County Museum & Events Center is currently undergoing a series of renovations that will aid in the museum's ability to continue presenting valuable cultural content and informational public gatherings. The renovations will also include 17 apartments on the second & third floors which will increase housing in Philipsburg while providing a viable revenue stream for the museum.

Proposed Renovation Design

High Plains Architects are working with the museum board and are the firm behind the redesign. On May 16, 2024, they made a presentation to the community regarding the plans for the facility. Above is a recording of that presentation by the Flint Creek Courier.

Floor Plan Designs

Above are some extracted pages from the Feasibility Report generated by High Plains Architects. These images represent the Existing Floor Plans of the museum's four stories, followed by the Conceptual Plans for each floor.

To download the complete, 77-page Feasibility Report for the project CLICK HERE.

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