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Cow Pie Bingo!

Coming up in July during Flint Creek Valley Days, the Museum will hold a Cow Pie Bingo Fund Raiser at the ice rink one block behind the Museum.



Game Rules


Ticket prices:  $20 per square


Grand Prize:    $5,000


Winner need not be present to win. If the winner IS present, they also win a shovel & bucket!


Circle-8 Pie Slice Prizes (8 squares surrounding the winning square):   $200


Top Ticket Seller:  $500


Winning Ticket Seller:   $100


Number of Squares:    1000


Grand Prize winner must be 18 years of age.


All prize winners must be Montana residents.  



Judges will determine which square receives the most cow pie. If one square cannot be determined, two squares with the most pie will split the grand prize.


Ticket numbers sold will be assigned to field squares at random. The prizes total $7,700 so a minimum of 500 tickets must be sold or the event will be cancelled and ticket money refunded. If all other activities are cancelled due to rain, the Cow Pie Bingo event will still occur.


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